If You do business in Noida, Yogi government will give you free land! Know the details

Noida , 5/2 (AO Bureau) If you are thinking of doing business, and your business is associated with Handicraft and Toy industry, then there is big news for you. If you do this business in Noida, the UP government will give you land. The process of land allocation is expected to begin in the next few days. Under this scheme, the allocation will be done in the same way as you need land. The special thing is that this land is being given near the International Jewar Airport. But the allocation of land will be done on a first-come and first-serve basis.

According to Yamuna Authority officials, there will be about 550 plots in this scheme, which will be given only to people associated with the handicraft and toy industry. Apart from this, there will be some such plots which will be given to those who do other business. The scheme is being started in the Yamuna Authority’s sectors 29, 32, and 33.

The special thing about this scheme is that the plot of 4 thousand square meters will be allotted with the lottery. Whereas all the larger plots will be allocated only on the basis of the interview of the interested candidate. But the price of the plot will be decided on the basis of the bid. Allotment of the plot will be done to the candidate who bid more than the fixed price of the authority.

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