Steven Smith may not play IPL this year!

Australia, 20/2 (Ao Bureau)Former Australia captain Michael Clarke has made a surprising claim after Steve Smith sold at a mere 2.2 crore rupees in the recent Indian Premier League auction. He said that it is difficult to play Steve Smith in IPL 2021 at such a low price. Clarke was surprised that Delhi Capitals bought Smith-like batsman for just such an amount, although many others were surprised by this. Clarke feels that he may withdraw from the tournament due to a ‘mild hamstring stretch’.

Clarke said on the Big Sports Breakfast podcast, ‘I know that his performance in T20 is not so good and last year’s IPL was also not so good. I was quite surprised to see him sold for such an amount which is less than $ 400,000. He said, “But if you look at how much money he was getting in the role of captain of Rajasthan Royals last season, don’t be surprised if his hamstring gets stretched on the day he leaves for India. Clarke said, “For the eight-week tournament and in 11 weeks ‘time, given the segregation before the tournament starts, I don’t think he would be asking his family and wife for 11 weeks’ time for Rs 2.2 crore.” Before the season, Smith’s salary was Rs 12.5 crore per season.

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