America: Air fire engulfed an engine of an aircraft filled with 241 passengers

Washington, 21/2 (AO Bureau); On Saturday, United Airlines Flight 328 flew from Denver International Airport in America,  hardly anyone would have thought that in a few minutes a scary scene would be revealed. A few seconds after takeoff, an engine failed and started burning with flames. The Federal Aviation Administration reported that the Boeing 777 aircraft going to Honolulu returned shortly after takeoff due to an engine failure. It caught fire due to engine failure after the flight, a video of which was made by a passenger. The good thing is that the plane landed back within 20 minutes of the flight and no one was harmed.

The pilot also immediately informed the ground control of the engine failure and gave Mede’s call. At the same time, parts of the plane fell from the sky and reached the homes of people many miles away from Denver. The Broomfield Police Department has shared photographs in which large parts are seen lying outside the houses. However, no one has been hurt due to these and they have been taken back

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