8000 VFX to be used in Prabhas’s Adipurush

Prabhas’ upcoming film ‘Adipurush’ is getting new updates daily. This is the dream project of Bollywood director Om Raut, which is being prepared in a big way. T series is funding this project. Please tell ‘Adipurush’ has come on the floor since 2 February. According to the news, the budget of the film will be between 350 crores and 400 crores. This film is being called a unique experiment in terms of VFX and technology. ‘Adipurush’ will have 8000 VFX shots, which is more than Bahubali. There were a total of 2500 VFX shots in Bahubali. In such a situation, imagine how grand this film of Saif Ali Khan and Rama’s Prabhas will become. There are reports that half of the total budget of the film will be spent on VFX and CGI. So that it can be given a grand look which is the demand of the film.

Prabhas will be seen in the role of Lord Ram in the film. The actress who plays Sita in the film is yet to be chosen. Currently, Deepika Padukone and Keerthy Suresh’s name for the role of Sita is at the top of the rumors, but the makers have not made any official announcement about it. Saif Ali Khan is going to be seen as Lankesh in the film. Ram, Laxman, and Ravana are the finalists in the film, but for now, the discussion on Sita’s name is going on. The film, being made in 3D format, will be made in five languages ​​Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Kannada.

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