LPG cylinder price increased by Rs 25

New Delhi, 25/2 (AO Bureau): Government oil companies have given another big blow to the common man. Oil companies have increased the prices of domestic LPG cylinders once again. After which the price of 14.2 kg LPG cylinder (Gas Cylinder Price) without subsidy has increased from Rs 769 to Rs 794. The increased prices have come into effect from 25 February 2021 today. Please tell that this is the third time the price of the gas cylinder has been increased this month. The price of non-subsidized cylinders has been increased by up to Rs 25 today.

Cylinder became expensive for the third time in February
Three times in the month of February, the prices of gas cylinders have been increased. The government had increased the LPG price by Rs 25 on February 4. After that on 15 February, the price of one cylinder was increased by Rs 50. And now this is the third time when there has been an increase of 25 rupees again.

Expenses up to Rs 200 in three months
On 1 December, gas cylinders increased from Rs 594 to Rs 644. On January 1, again Rs 50 was increased, after which the cylinder with Rs 644 was increased to Rs 694. After the increase made on February 4, its price has increased from Rs 644 to Rs 719. On February 15, the price increased from Rs 719 to Rs 769 and on 25 February, the price increased from Rs 769 to Rs 794.

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