New guidelines for social media and OTT platforms

New Delhi, 25/2 (AO Bureau): The dispute between the government and Twitter continues. Meanwhile, the government has released new guidelines regarding social media platforms. In view of some of the recent cases, the government had decided to make the guidelines more strict. The special thing is that under the new rules, the government can ask for the information of the poster for the first time from the platforms. In such a situation, the new changes will greatly affect the applications that provide end-to-end encryption such as WhatsApp. Let’s know how social media will work after the new rules …
Under the new rules, social media platforms such as Twitter will inevitably have to remove content within 36 hours after getting orders from a court or government agency. Some reports suggest that earlier this limit was 72 hours. Recently, the government had demanded action on the handles trying to increase violence in the farmer’s movement through Twitter. However, Twitter did not fully follow the order.
According to the new rules, platforms may have to give information about the person posting or sharing the content for the first time in the event of law and order. The new rules say that after receiving orders from the government, the company must compulsorily trace the content post or share for the first time. According to media reports, if the person sharing the content for the first time is outside India, then the content which was shared for the first time in the country will be considered as the first originator.
Platforms will have to respond to government requests in 72 hours in an investigation. Apart from this, platforms will have to work on the demand of users to remove content. Apart from this, platforms have to prepare forums for complaints.
Special social media intermediaries will have to appoint an Indian Chief Compliance Officer in India. So, to ensure that the rules are followed. At the same time, a nodal officer will also be deployed, so that the legal agencies can contact at any time if needed.
The government is also going to adopt a strict attitude on social media-related complaints. Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that social media platforms have to give information about how many complaints have been taken. Social media companies will have to report this to the government every month.

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