Gamosa to play an important role ahead of Assam Election

Assam, 27/2 (AO Bureau): Assamese ‘Gomosa’ (Gamchha) these days remains the choice of every party in the assembly elections. According to the election strategists of the Congress, Gamosa is not just the Bharatiya Janata Party’s or Prime Minister Narendra Mod’s election campaign tool. During the lockdown imposed during the Corona transition last year, a picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi was released, in which he used a gamosa instead of a mask.

From the face of the Prime Minister to the shoulders of Rahul Gandhi, Gamosha has changed his position and appeal in the Assam assembly elections. To carry forward the anti-CAA voice of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, the members of the Assam Congress have so far collected more than one lakh ‘Gamosha’ on which the revised anti-citizenship law messages have been written. The Congress has said that if it comes to power in the state, it will set up a ‘Shaheed Smarak’ on which these Gamoshe will be displayed.

Party workers have gathered door-to-door to collect ‘Gamosha’ (traditional white and red cloth woven as a form of honor in Assam). Party spokesperson Babita Sharma said that to express dissatisfaction against the law, many people have presented ‘Gamosha’ to senior Congress leaders themselves.

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