Union Home Minister to visit South India ahead of upcoming assembly election

New Delhi, 27/2 (AO Bureau) : Assembly elections of five states have been announced. Tamil Nadu and Puducherry are also among these, where elections are to be held. Home Minister Amit Shah is scheduled to go on his first electoral tour of South India on February 28, after the assembly elections were announced. During this tour, he will address public meetings in Puducherry and Tamil Nadu and interact with the local people of that area. In Tamil Nadu and Puducherry, the BJP has been looking for victory or its own land for a long time and with the visit of the Home Minister, the BJP hopes that its base will be strengthened in these areas.

Home Minister’s visit to Tamil Nadu
In the last three months, Home Minister Amit Shah has visited Tamil Nadu twice and has spoken to many leaders there. In the Villupuram area of ​​Tamil Nadu, where Home Minister Amit Shah’s Sankalp Rally is to be held, about twenty percent of people belonging to the Vanniyar community live there. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, the political parties here also believe that twenty percent of the population of the entire state is from this community. Therefore, this is an important attempt to connect BJP with this important community of the state. Although some local parties in the state claim to work for the interests of this community, such an effort for the national party has been seen very rarely in the electoral history of the state.

Home Minister’s visit to Puducherry
In recent times, Puducherry was in the limelight, because the government there had fallen and the state was under President’s rule. Many allegations of political manipulations were made by the parties. In such a situation, as soon as the election date is announced, Home Minister Amit Shah will try to increase the enthusiasm of BJP workers in Puducherry and assure them that this is a golden opportunity for BJP to gain political ground.

Karaikal, which is a coastal area of ​​Puducherry, and a large number of people associated with the fisheries industry. In this visit, the Home Minister will try to convey this message to the people associated with the fisheries industry, how serious the Central Government is for the upliftment of this industry for the last six years, and if the BJP government is formed in the state, then people associated with this industry will get new opportunities. Will meet.

Other senior BJP leaders, including PM, will also give strength in the election campaign
As the election campaign picks up in the coming days, the BJP is working on a plan to send senior leaders to Tamil Nadu and Puducherry election campaign. While PM Modi is expected to visit these two states in the first week of March, the election schedule of other senior leaders is also being finalized.

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