Ram Mandir to be more magnificent than before

Ayodhya,4/3 (AO Bureau) The Ram Mandir being  built in Ayodhya will now be more magnificent than before. In fact, the Ram Janmabhoomi Tirtha Kshetra Trust has also bought 7,285 sq ft of land next to the proposed temple complex. For this, the trust has paid 1 crore rupees. The motive behind purchasing this land is part of the plan to increase the premises of the proposed Ram temple from 70 acres to 107 acres.

The new land that Trust has purchased is adjacent to the 70 acres of land given for the construction of the Ram temple under the Supreme Court’s decision in November 2019. The trust has purchased this land from a local resident of Ayodhya, Deep Narayan. Deep Narayan has also signed the registry of his 7,285 sq ft land in favor of Champat Rai, secretary of Ram Mandir Trust.

According to the media report, a member of the trust has told that the trust is also talking to the owners of temples, houses and open land adjoining the proposed Ram temple complex to buy their place. The price of the purchased land is around Rs 1,373 per sq ft.

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