Mob lynching in Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi

Ranchi, 14/3 (AO bureau): A big news has come to light in Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, where a mob has beaten a mob lynching. The incident has caused a sensation in the surrounding area. After information, police reached the spot and took the body in the possession, and sent it for postmortem. Simultaneously, the investigation of the case has started. According to the information, the matter is related to Maheshpur village in the Ungada police station area of ​​Ranchi. A young man named Mubarak of the same village was assaulted and charged with theft, which led to the death of the young man.

The matter is late Saturday. After getting the information of the case, the police took the body and then sent it for postmortem. At the same time, the angry people reached the Ungada police station, which the police understood and pacified. At the same time, some people have been detained by the unruly police in the case. After interrogating these people, they are busy in investigating the incident. On the matter, rural SP Naushad Alam told that the young man has died and the police is involved in the investigation of the case. He told that only after the portmortem report will come, the whole situation will be clear.

Many deep wounds have also been found on the body of the deceased.
At the same time, family members have alleged that Mubarak was murdered under the conspiracy. The family has demanded immediate action from the police. The family members say that those who are guilty in the case should be arrested as soon as possible.
Here, so far, 15 to 17 people are involved in this incident of mob lynching. At the same time, the whole incident has come to light on the charge of stealing a bike. The rim, battery and jack of the bike were found near the body of the deceased, the elder brother of the deceased Tabarak told that this murder was done under the conspiracy. The police have currently taken the dead body and sent it for the rims post mortem, where the post-mortem of the deceased Mubarak is being done. Many deep wounds have also been found on the body of the deceased.

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