Rahul Gandhi took a dig at Union Government

New Delhi,14/3 (Ao Bureau)  Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday criticized the central government for the rising price of fuel and gas and the alleged sale of public sector undertakings. Rahul Gandhi tweeted, ‘Loot in broad daylight from both hands of the central government … Number one, recovery of a heavy tax on gas-diesel-petrol. Number two, sell PSU-PSB to friends and snatch its share, employment, and facilities from the public.

He tweeted, ‘Prime Minister’s only Qaida, the benefit of friends by blowing the country.’ Rahul Gandhi and his party are constantly criticizing the government over the rising fuel prices. Congress has claimed that the government has collected more than Rs 21 lakh crore by imposing a tax on petroleum products since coming to power in 2014.

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