Sri Lanka to ban burqa plans to shut Madrasas

Colombo, 14/3 (AO Bureau): Sri Lanka is planning to wear Burqa and close more than 1,000 Madrasa in the country. He announced the plan for these restrictions on Saturday citing national security. Public Safety Minister Sharat Virasekara said that he signed the papers on Friday seeking the Cabinet’s permission to ban the wearing of the burqa.

However, some Muslim organizations have opposed this decision of the government. He claims that wearing the burqa is a fundamental right and the government cannot ban it. The Sri Lankan government fears that unless it takes stern action, the fundamentalism of the community will continue to divide the small country on religiosity. Apart from the ban on burqas, the government has also decided to close more than 1,000 madrasas across the island.

The population of Sri Lanka is around 20 million, of which Muslims constitute about 10 percent. Most of them do business and most of them are quite wealthy. Muslims also do most of the business in the capital Colombo. Most Muslims in Sri Lanka speak Tamil and have a similar culture. But they do not consider themselves Tamil. They say they are different. Due to this, in 1990, V Prabhakaran, who was the head of LTTE, was removed from his answer. Due to this, millions of people were made homeless overnight.

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