SMS scrubbing process to start again

New Delhi, 18/3 (AO Bureau):After the telecom companies suspended SMS scrubbing for a week, now the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) said on Tuesday that the process will resume from Wednesday. Telecom companies are implementing a scrubbing process as per TRAI’s instructions. Under the scrubbing process, every SMS is verified with a registered template before reaching the users. DLT is a registration system based on blockchain and TRAI has made registration on the DLT platform mandatory for all telemarketers. Its purpose is to curb SMS spam from telemarketers.

However, TRAI has currently allowed the message to be delivered to the customer even if the content template is not registered, or the content is missing, or the registered template and delivery message does not match.

TRAI said in a letter that telecom companies would have to make daily reports on the percentage of SMS traffic falling in the scrubbing process, and the entire process would be reviewed again on 23 March 2021. By implementing this process on 8 March, people had to face a lot of problems, due to which it was banned.

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