No examination for students upto class 5

New Delhi, 18/3 (AO Bureau): Amidst the rise in coronavirus cases in recent times has forced the schools to take drastic steps. The Rajasthan government has announced that students up to class 5 will be promoted to the next class without taking the exams.

The administration has decided not to conduct any examination in the current education session till the 5th standard in government schools. The state education department issued orders in this regard on Wednesday.

As per the orders, students from class 1 to V will be passed on the basis of assessment done under Smile-1, Smile-2 and ‘Aao ghar se seekhein’. Students will be promoted to the next class on April 1, 2021. No examination will be conducted for them.

According to the department, the examination of the students of the sixth and seventh classes will be conducted from April 15 to 22 at the school level, and the exams for the students of the 9th to 11th classes will be held from April 6 to 22 at the district level and the class 8 examination on the board pattern.

“In view of the circumstances arising due to coronavirus, the government has made this decision sensitively about local examinations,” School Education Minister Govind Singh Dotasara tweeted.


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