After WhatsApp , Google pay and Gmail down

New Delhi, 23/3 (AO Bureau)A few days ago, many apps from Google were crashed on WhatsApp and Tuesday. These include Gmail, Google Pay, Google Chrome, due to which many users were worried. They were not able to open Gmail on mobile nor were they able to use Google Pay and Chrome. Google also admitted to the crash, saying that some apps had crashed on Tuesday morning, which is in the works. Also, as soon as the work on this is complete, the users will be told about it. This problem is being faced by Android users. However, if all these applications are still not running in your mobile, there is no need to worry too much. You can fix this by making a change in the settings, which we have given below.

Use the desktop version for Gmail

Confirming this on its official page, Gmail said, ‘We know that our users are facing difficulty in using Gmail. Many users are unable to use Gmail. We are working to overcome this problem and an update will be given about it soon. Google also said that for some time, instead of Gmail’s Android app, use Gmail from desktop.

Trouble started at 2.36 am on Tuesday

When many of Google’s apps did not run on Android devices, thousands of users started seeing updates in Downdetector. This site provides information about website and app crashes. Laagein kept his problems here too. After this, Downdetector posted it on Twitter and told that from 2.36 AM on Tuesday, Google users are facing problems. Many apps are not running.

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