New Variant of Coronavirus found in Brazil

Brasilia, 3/4(AO Bureau): The deadly Coronavirus is wreaking havoc all over the world.  A new strain of South Africa-like Coronavirus variant has been observed in Sao Paolo, Brazil. The patient in which this variant has been found did not go to South Africa. There was already concern about the impact of the vaccine on South African variants. At the same time, the P1 variant has also been found in Brazil, due to which cases of infection are increasing rapidly.

“It is like the South African variant but there is no history and no contact,” says Dimas Kovas, president of the country’s Bootanutan Biomedical Institute. He said, ‘It may be a developed form of P1 that is turning to African mutations.’ Coronavirus cases are increasing at an alarming pace in Brazil at the moment. This is the highest number of cases after America.

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