Show your patriotism today, not only on Independence day: Sonu sood

Mumbai, 23/4 (AO Bureau)Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has appealed to the citizens of the country to unite to fight the Corona Pandemic. If we look at his message of the last few days, then the message goes in this that when we together fight this disaster, then the country will be saved. Using all the resources together against the epidemic will increase our strength. Sonu has appealed people to show patriotism on this occasion.

Sonu Sood has tried to awaken people once again by tweeting. Sonu tweeted ‘Message to those who show patriotism on 15 August, it will never bring the necessary time to do something for the country and show patriotism’. With this, the country’s tricolor and hand-folded emoji have also been shared. Sonu Sood wants to say from this post that just one day showing patriotism is not going to work. At this time, in the kind of crisis that the country is facing, in this case, everyone will have to come together and help them for all possible help. The country needs the most patriotism at this time.

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