Shooter Abhinav Bindra took a dig at BCCI and IPL

new Delhi, 26/4 (AO bureau): The situation of Covid-19 in India has gone from bad to worse and now more than 3 lakh cases are being reported in the country on a daily basis. The situation had come under control in the last few months, but once again the number of infected started increasing in March-April. Covid-19 in India (Covid-19 in India) touched the mark of 1 lakh some days ago and reached the mark of 2 lakhs soon. Now after 3 lakhs, this number has also reached three and a half lakhs. Now more than three lakh Kovid-19 cases are being registered every day. State governments have imposed lockdowns in their respective states. In the national capital Delhi, the lockdown has been extended till 3 May.

Many businesses are on the verge of closure, as non-essential services remain closed during lockdown. Meanwhile, the 14th season of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2021) by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is being played in the bubble bubble in 6 states. So far 19 matches have been played successfully in the IPL and a large part of the tournament is still left to play. As the country is going through the worst phase of the epidemic, many people are also criticizing the board for staging the tournament.


‘Cricketers can’t spend their lives in their bubble’
Abhinav Bindra, the Indian shooter who won the gold medal in the Olympics, has also raised questions about the conduct of the IPL. In his column written in the Indian Express, Brinda said that cricketers and officials cannot be deaf or blind about whatever is happening outside. In such a situation, he is raising questions on the IPL in the midst of this epidemic. Abhinav Bindra wrote, “Cricketers and officials cannot spend their lives in their bubble. After what is happening outside, they cannot be completely deaf and blind.”

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