Big news for SBI ,and PNB Customers

New Delhi, 29/4 (Ao bureau):If you are a customer of State Bank of India (SBI), Punjab National Bank (PNB) and ICICI Bank, then it is very important news for you. These three banks have warned their crores of customers by issuing alerts. In view of the increasing cases of online fraud, the bank keeps alerting its customers. In the midst of the Corona crisis in the country, the bank has cautioned its crores of customers. Due to digital payments in the country, cases of fraud are also increasing rapidly. The three banks have given information about this to people by tweeting. Let’s know what SBI, PNB and ICICI said-

State Bank of India

If you have an account with State Bank, then this is important news for you. State Bank has issued an alert for customers. The bank has told the customers that if you get any QR code from any other side, then you scan it by mistake as well. If you do this, then money can disappear from your account. The State Bank of India has written in a tweet that when you scan a QR code, you do not get money. You only get a message that your bank account is debited for amount X amount. Do not scan QR Codes shared by anyone until you have to pay.

Do not share ATM card with anyone other than this, customers should not share their ATM card with anyone else. By doing this information of your card can be leaked and anyone can easily fraud with you. Along with this, the bank has said that by taking a bank account number, password, ATM card number or taking a picture of it, there is a risk of your information being leaked. With this, your account can also be completely empty. Also read- Deposit Rs 5000 in the name of children, you will get 30 lakhs as soon as you get an adult, know how? Punjab National Bank By issuing an alert, he has asked to beware of the phishing scam. The Punjab National Bank has mentioned many types of alerts on its Twitter handle. Also issued a tweet asking to beware of the phishing scam. The bank has told its customers that due to a small mistake, your entire account can be emptied. The bank has also given some ways to avoid this type of fraud.

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