Coronavirus death rate is at worst at Ludhiana

Ludhiana, 29/4 (AO bureau):Corona has now taken a fatal form in the country. Corona death figures in India have reached 1.3%. This means that one person is dying in every 100 Corona Infected Patients in the country. In the midst of this crisis of Corona, the death rate of Corona in many cities of the country has reached 2.5%. Two out of every 100 corona infected are dying in Punjab (Punjab), Gujarat (Gujarat) and West Bengal (West Bengal). Similarly, in the major states of the country, Delhi, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh, this figure of death has been more than 1 percent.

In Punjab’s Ludhiana, the situation is seen to be worst. In Ludhiana, a total of 51 thousand 492 corona people have been infected so far, of which 1,322 people have died. The circumstances are that the proportion of deaths due to corona in Ludhiana has reached 2.5%. Let us know that the situation in Ludhiana is getting worse every day. Between 20 and 27 April, the city had 1.8% of the corona infected patients. Similar to Ludhiana, most of the cities of Punjab are in the same condition. 1 thousand 60 people have died in Jalandhar, 913 in Amritsar, 711 in Hoshiarpur, 744 in Patiala and 325 people in Bathinda.


The death toll from Corona in Ahmedabad, Gujarat has started to scare. The rate of death from corona in Ahmedabad has reached 2.4%, with more than 2500 deaths. According to the Health Ministry data, out of 6 thousand 656 deaths in Gujarat so far, more than 40% of 2,844 deaths have taken place in Ahmedabad alone.

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