18-44 years old can choose their vaccine..Know how

New Delhi,30/4 (Ao Bureau)During the Covid Vaccination Drive, which started in the country from January 16, the option of choosing the vaccine has not been given yet. People had to get the same vaccine present at the vaccine center. But now people in the age group of 18 to 44 will have the option to choose the vaccine at the private center. This is said by Co-Win App Chief RS Sharma. In a special conversation  he has told about this in detail.


Sharma has clarified that the option to choose the vaccine will still be available only at the private center. They say – Vaccination will be done according to the vaccine still available at government centers. Also, special care has to be taken that the second dose should also be taken by the same vaccine whose first dose has been taken. At the same time, private centers will have to tell which vaccine is available with them and what is its rate. The vaccine and its price will be displayed on private centers on the Kovin app.

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