Vaccination campaign for 18-44 age group starts today

New Delhi,1/5 (Ao Bureau): A new phase of Coronavirus vaccination has started in India (India) today i.e. May 1, the day Saturday. The government has decided to apply the vaccine to citizens above 18 years of age in this period. However, for the past few weeks, reports of lack of vaccine and other medical facilities have been in the news headlines. Because of which governments in many states have decided to postpone this phase for the time being.



From the beginning, the central government had announced to vaccinate in a phased manner. Under this, first the health worker, the frontline worker and then the people above 45 years of age were vaccinated. Experts are also constantly considering testing and vaccination as the most important measures in the prevention of corona virus. Now that vaccination has been postponed in some states, due to the new orders, doubts have also arisen in the minds of the citizens.

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