Actor Bikramjeet succumbs to COVID-19

Mumbai,1/5(Ao Bureau):The current situation of Coronavirus is now increasing uneasily. What mango and what is special, no one is able to escape from the grip of corona. Meanwhile, the sad news is coming from the cinema world once again. Popular actor of Bollywood and television Bikramjeet Kanwarpal (Bikramjeet Kanwarpal) has passed away. He lost the battle to Corona. His treatment was going on for the last few days but he lost the battle to covid. He was 52 years old.


Bikramjeet Kanwarpal has been known for supporting roles in many TV serials and films. Film director and producer Ashoke Pandit has confirmed this sad news.


Paying tribute on his Twitter, Ashok Pandit wrote, ‘I am very sad to hear the news of Major Bikramjit Kanwarpal’s death due to Kovid. A retired army officer who worked in many films and TV serials. My condolences to his family. ॐ peace. ‘



People are expressing grief on social media after getting information about the death of Bikramjit Kanwarpal. Casting director and filmmaker Mukesh Chhabra has also paid tribu

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