Coronavirus situation may be normal by June: Study

Mumbai,2/5 (Ao Bureau):In Maharashtra’s capital Mumbai, conditions may be normal by June in view of Coronavirus In Mumbai. Provided that the vaccination continues without any hindrance and no new variant of Covid is introduced. A team of scientists from the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research has claimed this in their analysis. A mathematical model closely analyzing the causes of the second Covid wave in Mumbai also predicted that the peak of Covid deaths could occur in the first week of May, but the opening of schools in the city would come by 1 July.


It was claimed that there was only one variant of the virus in the state of Maharashtra in February, but it was only after the resumption of local train services that the virus got an environment to spread which led to the second wave. According to the English newspaper Times of India, the opening of the economy around February also led to the spread of Covid infection in the analysis. The analysis said that ‘around February 1, the ineffective variant of the infection had spread to a very low level, but by mid-March the conditions had become severe’.

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