Actor Rahul Vohra succumbs to COVID-19

Mumbai, 9/5 (AO bureau):Actor Rahul Vohra lost the battle of life against the corona virus. He had been battling Corona (Covid-19) for a long time. He was seen in the Netflix film ‘Unfreedom’. The actor appealed to the people for help a few hours before his death. He had requested people for help through Facebook (Rahul Vohra Facebook). Theater director and play writer Arvind Gaur has confirmed Rahul’s death. He gave information about Rahul’s death on Facebook.

Rahul could not hold his life in this difficult period, but the actor wrote a last post on Facebook and appealed for help. According to media reports, since the corona was infected, the actor’s health was constantly deteriorating. When there was no option, the actor tried to get help through Facebook, but his life could not be saved. The actor’s post is heartbreaking. He kept expecting better treatment till the last time, but it could not happen.

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