Modi government replies to Supreme court over vaccine

New Delhi,10/5 (Ao Bureau): The Modi government at the Center has said in the Supreme Court that its strategy for Vaccination in India is to distribute the vaccine equally to all. In the Supreme Court, the Center said that at this time of the epidemic, the ‘limit of judicial intervention’ in these cases is limited. The Center said in an affidavit submitted on Sunday night on a petition regarding the same price of the vaccine that the vaccination campaign between 18 years and 44 years was approved after the states requested it. The Center persuaded vaccine manufacturers to supply vaccines to the states at similar prices.


The affidavit states, ‘This policy is’ equitable, non-discriminatory and based on two age groups (people above 45 and below)’. The Center said that there is no need to interfere in this policy by the court as the executive is dealing with it during the epidemic. It has a wide scope. The affidavit was filed last week after the Supreme Court directed the Center to reissue its COVID-19 vaccine pricing policy. The hearing in this case is to be held today i.e. on Monday.

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