Kangana is waiting to be banned from Instagram

Mumbai, 10/5 (AO Bureau):Kangana Ranaut is deeply involved in controversies. She is often in the headlines for her rhetoric. After the results of the Bengal assembly elections, Twitter suspended her account forever due to the strong reaction to the Bengal violence. Now Kangana has started being active on Instagram. Recently, he shared the news of himself being positive with the fans, while challenging Corona. Kangana’s post has been deleted by Instagram. After the post is deleted, Kangana has provoked the anger there.

Kangana Ranaut wrote on Instagram Stories on Monday, ‘Everyone is a victim of capitalism on Instagram. Capitalism is eating consumers completely like termites. The crisis of indifference and contempt of youth towards the nation is frightening. Lack of human values, sympathy and nationalism make them ugly and useless. I am eagerly waiting to be banned here, it will be an honor for me.

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