Haryana government to start door-to door delivery of oxygen

Haryana, 12/5 (AO bureau);The Haryana government has now started providing oxygen to home quarantine Covid patients at home. This scheme has been implemented in the whole of Haryana. According to Haryana Health Minister Anil Vij, the quota for people who have oxygen in the house has been made separately. At the same time, HCS officer Gauri Midha told that the oxygen will be delivered to the patient who will apply on the portal of Haryana http://oxygenhry.in/. The Haryana government has now started providing oxygen at home to home quarantine patients. For this, the government has created a portal http://oxygenhry.in/ on which that patient will have to apply and after the recommendation of doctors, oxygen will be delivered to their home as per the requirement.

Haryana Home Minister said that for those people who have oxygen at home, the government has made a separate quota which they will get after the recommendation of doctors. Vij said that it is also to be seen that people do not get oxygen unnecessarily at their home, so they will get oxygen only after the recommendation of the doctors. The government has also appointed an HCS level officer for this in every district, who will see everything and bring oxygen.

RTA Gori Midha in Ambala said that Haryana has created a portal, on which the patient will put his request only then he will get a cylinder but he should have a cylinder of his own first because the department will provide only oxygen. He told that many NGOs are also associated with the government, who will work to deliver oxygen home. He said that the patient will get gas according to the size of the cylinder, whether it is small or big. He said that right now people do not know about this facility, that is why very few applications have come to them.

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