No morning walk or evening walk during lockdown : Twin City  Police Commissioner Soumendra Priyadarshi

Bhubaneswar, 13/5 (Ao Bureau)The state government has imposed a statewide lockdown from May 5 this year. Emergency work was allowed at this time, but all other work was suspended. On the other hand, people were allowed to walk and cycle for 1 hour in the morning. Today, however,Twin City  Police Commissioner Soumendra Priyadarshi has banned it. “You can’t walk and cycle in the morning,” he said. Some people have been found to be breaking the corona guidelines in the name of morning walking.
“Some people are taking advantage of this time,” he said. And Karona is breaking the law. He appealed to the people to abide by the law. Do not walk outside unnecessarily as the infection progresses. Lockdown’s purpose is not to get in the way. On the other hand, law and order ADG Yashwant Jethwa has warned against black market and unscrupulous businessmen.

ADG Yashwant Jethwa warned of law and order and action would be taken against any private hospital that charged more. Twenty-two flying squads have been set up to monitor the situation. They will monitor all these activities. Amaniya has been fined Rs 27 million. In addition, 41 cases have been registered and 27 people have been arrested and 4,300 vehicles have been seized

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