Sputnik Vaccine will be available from next week

New Delhi, 13/5 (AO Bureau):Immunization campaign (Corona Vaccination) is also increasing rapidly among the increasing cases of Coronavirus in the country. For this, the government is now seeking Corona Vaccine from abroad as well. Meanwhile, the Niti Aayog has informed on Thursday that the Corona vaccine of Russia is coming to Sputnik India. NITI Aayog member Dr VK Paul said, “I am happy to say that we are hopeful that Sputnik will be available in the market from next week.”

Dr. VK Paul said, ‘We expect the sale of eutectic vaccine from Russia to begin next week. He said that efforts will continue on the supply even further. Production of Sputaneous Vaccine will start from July. It is estimated that 15.6 crore doses of vaccine will be produced at that time.

Dr. Paul said that around 18 crore corona vaccine doses have been put in India. In the US, this figure is around 26 crores. In such a situation, India is in the third place.

He said that we are happy that one third of people over 45 years of age in India are safe after getting vaccinated. Of the total people who die in the country, 45 and older people account for 88 percent.
Dr. Paul said that people said that covaxine should be given to other companies for production. I am happy to say that Bharat Biotech has welcomed this, we talked to them about this. This vaccine can only be made in BSL3 lab.

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