Delhi government will take care of children whose name parents died of Coronavirus

New Delhi,14/5(AO Bureau):  Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwk discussed the media on Friday with the media in the state. Also made a big announcement about the dead people from Corona. CM Kejriwal said that the infection rate in Delhi has come down to 12 percent. In the last 10 days, 10 thousand beds have become empty in Delhi. ICU beds are full. That is, the number of patients with critical condition remains. Lockdown played a role in the corona cases that are decreasing in Delhi. Delhi has been able to do it in a disciplinary way.


CM Kejriwal said that if we get loose, Corona can come again. Take all measures to avoid corona. Don’t have to slop at all. In view of the coming time, the Delhi government will make its full preparations. Children who have been orphaned due to Corona or all such families who have lost earning members. We are there for them. It will be our responsibility to complete the education of such children. Things are improving in Delhi but against Corona


CM said that daily corona cases have come down to 8.50 thousand. The infection rate has reached 12 percent. But the fight is yet to come. The effect of following the lockdown is visible. Beds in hospitals are also being emptied, but ICU beds are still full. The number of serious patients is not decreasing. Children whose parents have passed away, do not consider themselves orphans, I am. We will take care of the elders who have no children.

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