Know the price of Russian vaccine Sputnik V

New Delhi,14/5(Ao Bureau)In India, the price of Russian Vaccine Sputnik-V has finally been decided. The price of imported vaccine has been kept at Rs 948 per dose. However, 5% Goods and Services Tax i.e. GST will be levied separately in this price. This information has been given by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. There is a possibility that vaccine rates may come down after the start of local supply.

The first dose of Sputnik-V in Hyderabad has been given on Friday. It has been informed by Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories that the first batch of Sputnik-V arrived in India on 1 May. It has been approved by the Central Drugs Laboratory located at Kasauli in Himachal Pradesh on 13 May. It is being said that the efficacy rate of this vaccine is 91.6 percent.

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