Congress to think big like BJP to succeed

New Delhi, 17/5 (AO Bureau);Senior Congress leader Salman Khurshid, while advocating for his party to think big like the BJP, said on Monday that the Congress should not accept this ‘pessimistic view’ that it has become too small and weak and does not regain its lost ground Can get

He said in an interview to ‘PTI-Bhasha’, ‘I have learned one thing from West Bengal and Assam, you should never accept that you are very small, weak and nothing big in any region or state. Can do.

Congress should not accept a pessimistic view

Khurshid also said, ‘I believe that BJP has done this (big thinking strategy) even in those places where they did not exist. He tried to do this even in those places where he still does not exist. ”The former Union Minister stressed that the Congress should not accept the pessimistic view that it has lost too much of its land and it Can not get it again. I think we can do this with commitment and confidence and we should also do it. ‘

People voted in Bengal under strategy

He agreed with the notion that in West Bengal, people voted with a thoughtful strategy, which led to the Congress and the Left parties being wiped out. He was asked what he thought about the opinion of some Congress leaders that the Congress suffered losses due to its alliance with the Indian Secular Front in West Bengal and the AIUDF in Assam.

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