Sarpanchs to take decision on lockdown & TMCs: Odisha CM in all party meeting

Bhubaneswar, 17/5 (AO Bureau): The whole country has been fighting Coronavirus for more than a year. This second wave of corona has caused serious public health problems across the country and caused huge losses. In this context, Chief Minister  Naveen Patnaik made a number of important announcements at an all-party meeting i today to further strengthen our fight against Corona with the cooperation of all.

Chief Minister  Patnaik said that infections have been on the rise in Odisha for more than a month. With the blessings of the Lord, we are working to keep the situation under control and to provide services to the sick. The Chief Minister lauded them on the occasion for the way our administration and health workers have been working day and night.

The Chief Minister said that Odisha is closely monitoring the situation in other parts of the country and is taking precautionary measures based on their experience.

The health care infrastructure has been strengthened and ICU  beds have been expanded. Oxygen-coupled beds are also provided in each district. The Chief Minister informed.

More oxygen cylinders, refilling and transportation are being monitored to ensure flawless oxygen supply. Oxygen cylinders are also being imported along with the establishment of oxygen plants in the main hospitals. “We are taking special care to ensure that there is no shortage of essential medicines and oxygen,” he said.

The Chief Minister said about supplying oxygen to other states
In addition to meeting the needs of its state, Odisha today can save a lot of precious lives by supplying oxygen to other states as well. It is a matter of pride for Odisha.

The Chief Minister also announced the formation of a task force to strengthen the oxygen management system in the state and prepare a master plan for it.

The fight is one of the most important for health workers and doctors, with 4 doctors and 5,138 paramedical staff. Steps have also been taken to hire contract doctors and health workers.

The Chief Minister said that free medical examinations and free medical care were provided to the people in Odisha. Covid patients are being treated with private hospitals. “As a result, patients are receiving immediate medical treatment and the death toll in Odisha is declining across the country,” he said.

He warned the people that there could be more waves of cowardice. So we have to be ready for a long battle. “Vaccination will be our main strategy for a successful fight against Karona,” he said.

We have started the process of buying vaccines from the world market so that our people can get vaccinations as soon as possible. Mr. Patnaik informed that the Chief Minister also informed about the formation of a high-level technical committee to guide us in the fight against Corona.

Describing the community as the main pillar in the management of Covid, the Chief Minister said that from the very beginning, the Gram Panchayat and the Village Welfare Committee had been involved. He said the ANM, Asha, Anganwadi workers and Mission Shakti groups are working together to provide services to the people.

For the next three months from May 28, Asha and ANMs across the state will be conducting door-to-door surveys on cough symptoms and complications. The Chief Minister had announced that they would be given an incentive of Rs 1,000 per month for three months.

The village welfare committees in each garage will also be given Rs 10,000 crore for various activities to control the coating. Mr. Patnaik informed

Similarly, hopefuls in charge of housing protection will also be given simultaneous assistance of Rs 10,000 for bicycles, slippers, umbrellas, torches and cupboards. The Chief Minister announced.

The chief minister said sarpanches could exercise their district magistrate powers to implement the lockdown and open TMC in the village depending on the needs of the village. Although the number of people returning to other states this year is lower than last year, the government has already started zonal TMC.

The Chief Minister expressed deep concern over the untimely loss of relatives of many families due to the cowardice and the courage to say that the government was with them during this time of grief for their families.

The Chief Minister also announced that free education would be provided to the children and widows of the families of the deceased and the parents of the deceased who would be included in the Madhuban Pension Scheme.

“We are now in the second wave of Covid,” he said. No one knows how many waves we will have to deal with in the future.

“We have been working to reduce the impact of the second wave.” But Lockdown alone is not the answer. Because of this, the livelihoods of many people are being severely affected. It’s a long battle. He emphasized the need to focus on the need to educate the public, and to adhere to the rules of wearing a mask, washing hands and maintaining social distance, not walking around unnecessarily and not going to the crowd.

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