Baba Ramdev in controversy after speaking against Allopathy

New Delhi, 22/5 (AO Bureau)The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has expressed its displeasure over the statement of yoga guru Baba Ramdev in which he has spoken against allopathy. Along with this, the IMA has also demanded the Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan to take action against Ramdev. Actually, a video of Ramdev is going on social media, in which he has allegedly spoken against allopathy.


The Medical Association has issued a press release on Saturday in this context. The IMA has demanded that the Union Health Minister either dismantle the modern health facilities, accepting their allegations or they should be booked and prosecuted under the Epidemic Diseases Act.


The IMA has threatened in its statement that if action is not taken against Ramdev, he will be forced to take legal action. The apex medical institution has also said in its letter that Baba Ramdev, besides being an internationally respected yoga teacher, he is also associated with a pharmaceutical company and many times he has been asked about the products of his pharmaceutical company with the aim of misleading the public. Lying has been seen.


In a video released on social media, Baba Ramdev is reportedly seen calling Allopathy ‘a stoopid’ and ‘bankrupt science’. He says in the video, ‘Allopathy is such a stoopid and bankrupt science. First Moroquine failed, then Remedisvir failed, then their antibiotics failed, then steroids failed, plasma therapy was also banned. Faviflu, which was giving for fever, also failed. They are giving all the medicines. What is this spectacle?

The apex body of doctors said in a statement that Ramdev should be prosecuted under the Epidemic Disease Act because the ‘uneducated’ statement ‘is a threat to the educated society of the country and at the same time the poor people are falling victim to it’. The IMA said that Ramdev claimed that Ramesidevir, Faviflu and all other medicines approved by the Controller General of Drugs of India had failed to treat Covid-19 patients. He alleged that Ramdev is trying to take advantage of the situation and create fear and resentment among the people on a large scale.

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