RBI to bring new 100 rupees note

New Delhi, 29/5 (AO Bureau);Very soon there will be a shiny new note of 100 rupees in your pocket. It is being said about this new Rs 100 note that it will neither tear, neither bite nor it will be hugged in water. Actually, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is preparing to issue a varnished note of Rs 100. The RBI has been such a 1 billion note print (Rs 100 currency). The reason behind varnish-coating of new Rs 100 note is to make the notes durable and safe. However, it will be released on trial basis right now. After successful field trials, varnished notes will be introduced in the market and old notes will be gradually removed from the system. Please tell that this information has been told by the Reserve Bank in its annual report. So let’s know the specialty of this note-

This note will be purple in color

Please tell that at this time, 100 rupees notes of purple color are already present in the market. RBI will now issue new 100 rupee notes with varnish. This note will be of purple color only. The biggest feature of the new 100 rupee note will be that it will not be spoiled in any way. Even after folding it a thousand times, this note will be cut, not torn. The new note of 100 rupees will also have no effect of water, because these notes will have varnish paint on it. Varnish paint is the same that is used on wood. Existing notes perish quickly. They are quickly cut or mud

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