Solar Eclipse 2021 : Know the Important facts

New Delhi, 30/5 (AO Bureau):The first solar eclipse of the year 2021 will take place on 10 June. It is a full solar eclipse in which the Moon will completely cover the Earth. In this case, only the outer layer of the sun will be visible. In the eclipse, the Moon will take up about 94 percent of the sun, that is, the eclipse will be planted. Due to full solar eclipse, darkness will prevail during the day. This time the solar eclipse is falling in the Corona period (Covid 19 Lockdown). In India, this eclipse will happen only partially. Therefore the eclipse period will not be valid. There will be partial eclipse in the northern part of America, Europe and Asia as well. A full solar eclipse will occur in northern Canada, Greenland and Russia.

Solar eclipse time

The first solar eclipse of the year will start from 1 o’clock in the afternoon to 42 in the evening. The Sutak period of eclipse is not valid in India.

1. There are three types of solar eclipse. The first is the complete solar eclipse. The complete solar eclipse can be seen only from a small part of the earth. In this, the earth, the moon and the sun are in exactly the same line. According to NASA, when the Moon’s shadow covers the Earth, only people who are in the center of the Moon’s shadow can see a total solar eclipse.

2. Second type of solar eclipse occurs – partial solar eclipse. In such a solar eclipse, the shadow of the moon falls on a very small part of the sun.

3. The third type of solar eclipse occurs – annual solar eclipse. In this, the Moon remains at the most distance from the Earth. So it looks small. In this case, the moon does not completely cover the sun. It seems that a large circle has covered the sun. In this situation a bright ring is formed, which is called Ring of Fire.

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