Sasikala to return to politics

Tamil Nadu, 30/5 (AO Bureau): AIADMK suspended VK Sasikala (AIADMK leader VK Sasikala) is preparing to return to politics. Sasikala, who announced her retirement from politics just a few days before the Tamilnadu Assembly Elections, concluded recently, has indicated her return. These days, an audio clip of Sasikala is going viral on social media. Talking to his party leader in the viral audio, Sasikala has assured his return.

In the viral audio, Sasikala is telling her party leader on the phone- Don’t worry, things of the party will definitely be fixed. All be brave Once the corona pandemic is over, I will return.

In response, the party leader says- ‘We will stay behind you Amma’. The viral phone call has been confirmed by AMMK general secretary TTV Dinakaran’s personal assistant Janarthan.

In March, he had separated himself from politics. Earlier in March, the AIADMK leader who was suspended from the party had announced his retirement from politics. She had issued a statement saying that she would separate herself from politics. He had said, ‘I have separated myself from politics and prayed for the rule of my goddess Akka (Jayalalithaa).’

Who is Sasikala?

Sasikala has been close to Jayalalithaa, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. After Jayalalithaa’s demise in December 2016, in February 2017, she was convicted for possessing disproportionate assets. He was released from jail in February this year.

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