China announces family can have 3 children

Beijing, 31/5 (AO Bureau): Experts have been continuously raising concerns about the rate of population growth in China. Concerns increased further after the recently released population growth data. According to these figures, the rate of population growth in China last year has been the lowest since the 1960s. In view of this, China has relaxed its family planning here. After the Chinese government’s official announcement, now the China couple will be able to have three children. China’s state media reported this on Monday.

China has taken an important decision by worrying about the aging population and slow pace of population growth. Now the Chinese government has announced a relaxation in family planning rules. Now the couple will be able to have three children in China. Earlier, only two children were allowed to be born in China. A meeting was held on Monday under the chairmanship of President Xi Jinping before the announcement of the decision to allow China to have children. After this an official announcement was made by issuing a statement.

The statement said that there is a need to take some major steps to address the growing problem of the aging population. Under this, the policies related to childbearing will be further reformed. From now on the couple are allowed to have three children.

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