Center’s new SOP, people going abroad can take second dose of Covishield anytime after 28 days

New Delhi, 7/6 (AO Bureau): The central government has given great relief to students and professionals going abroad. The Central Government issued a detailed guideline for this on Monday. It states that in case of foreign travel, after 28 days, the second dose of Covishield can be taken at any time. Now after 84 days, there is a rule to take the second dose of Covishield.
It has been said in the new SOP that only those who have taken the Kovidshield vaccine for foreign travel will be given a vaccination certificate. It is mandatory to mention the passport number on the vaccination certificate. This facility is for those people above 18 years who want to travel abroad till 31 August. In the new SOP issued by the Central Government, it has been said that soon this special arrangement will be available on the CoWIN platform regarding those traveling abroad.
For whom this arrangement:
Students who are going to study abroad.
– For people going to work abroad.
– For athletes, sports persons, accompanying staff going to attend the Tokyo Olympic Games.
According to the new system, it is mandatory to have a gap of at least 84 days (12- 16 weeks) between the two doses of Covishield.

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