NIA investigation against Digvijay Singh?

Bhopal, 13/6 (AO Bureau): Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh’s club house controversy is not taking its name to stop. Senior BJP leader Vinay Sahastrabuddhe has hit back at Digvijay Singh. He said that Digvijay Singh himself does the politics of deviating from the issues. There is no relation of CBI, IT, ED here. The whole country knows what these institutions said about the scams during the Congress government.
Vinay Sahasrabuddhe also named NIA and law in his conversation. He said that the subject is something, Digvijay Singh goes to another subject to mislead. Article 370 was removed by Parliament, which is in line with Babasaheb’s dreams. Digvijay Singh is talking about turning the thorns of the clock upside down. This is an anti-national thing. He has no right to talk like this with a Pakistani journalist. They have not even been given the right to close the doors of development of Jammu and Kashmir.
Gupkar leaders will not decide on 370: Sahastrabuddhe
Vinay Sahastrabuddhe said on 370 that Gupkar or his leaders will not decide. The government elected by the people will be decided. It is not possible to bring a resolution in the Parliament to remove it. The people have sent those who fulfill the dreams of the framers of the constitution to the Parliament.
No one is suppressing Digvijay: BJP
He said that no one is suppressing Digvijay Singh on the demand of NIA investigation of club house chat. They are talking of their own free will. Digvijay Singh is telling his intentions by talking with the country and foreign people. They must tell them. The law will take its course. Significantly, due to the release of an alleged audio of Digvijay Singh, there has been a ruckus in the country.

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