Sachin Pilot wants 7 out of 9 vacant ministries for his supporters

Kota, 13/6 (AO Bureau): The Congress party, which is trying to find a solution to the political crisis in Rajasthan, is churning out the formula to end the dispute between the government and Sachin Pilot. Although the formula has not yet been decided on the demand of Sachin Pilot, but sources say that work is being done on it expeditiously. The party is trying to resolve Sachin’s issue and demand. Actually, 9 posts are vacant in the cabinet of Ashok Gehlot government. Sachin wants 6-7 of these posts for himself.
The Congress party has to see how apart from Sachin’s demand, the aspirations of 18 independents and MLAs who joined Congress from BSP are also fulfilled. Amidst the Pilot vs Gehlot controversy in Rajasthan, sources are also saying that the Congress party also has to keep in mind the aspirations of those MLAs who have been winning for 6-7 times. Apart from this, what will be the role of Sachin Pilot in the party, it will also be decided by the Congress high command.
According to sources, Sachin Pilot wants 6 to 7 ministerial posts out of 9 vacant posts for his supporters. Pilot aspires that MLAs close to him should be given a place in the Council of Ministers. In such a situation, the eyes of political experts are fixed on what formula the Congress party finds to solve this crisis. Here, the main opposition party of the state BJP is constantly keeping an eye on the internal crisis of the Congress. Party leader Sachin Pilot and Rajasthan PCC President Govind Singh are also continuously commenting on the visit of Dotasara to Delhi.
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Regarding the Delhi tour of Pilot and Dotasara, senior BJP leader and Deputy Leader of Opposition in Rajasthan Assembly Rajendra Rathod said that Congress MLAs are running and do not know where to go. Rathod said that politics of humiliation is dominating in Rajasthan, for which the people of the state have to pay. Development is stalled and systems have collapsed.

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