Another blow to the common man, inflation broke the record of 6 months, in May the CPI came to 6.30 percent

New  Delhi, 14/6 (AO Bureau): The common man has suffered a double blow on the inflation front. On Monday morning, where the wholesale inflation rate reached a record high of 12.94 percent. At the same time, news has come that in May, retail inflation increased to 6.3 percent. This is the highest rate of retail inflation in the last 6 months. This has come to the fore in the retail inflation data released by the government on Monday.
In May, CPI (Retail or Retail Inflation) has increased from 4.23 percent to 6.30 percent. Whereas it was estimated to be at 5.39 percent. In May, the retail inflation of food items has increased from 1.96 percent in April to 5.01 percent. At the same time, on a month-on-month basis, the inflation of vegetables has increased from -14.18 percent to -1.92 percent in May.
Fuel and electricity inflation came down to 11.58 percent
In the month of May, the inflation of fuel and electricity has increased from 7.91 percent in April to 11.58 percent. At the same time, housing inflation has increased from 3.73 percent to 3.86 percent. In May, the inflation of clothes, footwear has increased to 5.32 percent. On a month-on-month basis, the inflation of pulses has increased from 7.51 per cent to 9.39 per cent in May. Core inflation in May has increased from 5.40 per cent in April to 6.6 per cent.

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