So far 488 people have died after getting corona vaccine, serious side effects seen on 26 thousand: government data

New Delhi, 14/6 (AO Bureau):Vaccines are being implemented across the country to beat both these corona virus epidemics. Meanwhile, quoting government data, CNA News 18 has received information that 488 people have died across the country after the vaccine, while 26 thousand people have complained of serious side effects during this period. In the language of science, this is called Adverse Event Following Immunization (AEFI). Let us tell you that such data is collected in every country, so that the side effects of the vaccine can be reduced in the future. These figures are from 16 January to 7 June.
By the way, if the figures are to be seen carefully, the number of deaths is very less. Till June 7, 23.5 crore people have been vaccinated across the country. During this, 26200 AEFI cases have come. That is, if it is seen in percentage, then it is only 0.01 percent. In other words, it can be understood in such a way that within 143 days, only one person out of 10 thousand people showed more side effects of the vaccine, while 2 died in every 10 lakh vaccines.
Rare cases of serious side effects

According to the data received so far, Bharat Biotech’s Covaccine and Serum Institute of India’s Covishield, both these vaccines have 0.1% AEFI cases. Experts believe that looking at the figures, both the number of deaths and the cases of AEFI are very less. In such a situation, experts are advising to apply the vaccine. Let us tell you that so far more than 3 lakh people have died due to corona in India. In such a situation, at present, the vaccine is the only real and powerful weapon to beat Corona

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