PM Modi should reply on Ram Mandir Trust scam, should be investigated under court supervision: Congress

New Delhi, 14/6 (AO Bureau): Congress has sought an answer regarding the allegations of corruption in a land deal related to Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust. The Congress said on Monday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should answer on this ‘scam’. This matter should be investigated under the supervision of the Supreme Court.
Party’s chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala urged the Supreme Court to conduct an audit of the amount and expenditure received as donations for the construction of the temple. Also, the cost of all the land purchased from the donation should also be investigated.
Surjewala told reporters, “Lord Shri Ram is a symbol of faith. But the misuse and fraud of funds collected from crores of people for the construction of Shri Ram temple in the supernatural city of Ayodhya of Lord Ram is a heinous crime and gross adharma, in which BJP leaders are involved.
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Surjewala claimed, “On both the papers of the land registry, Anil Mishra, the trustee of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, is present as a witness. The other witnesses on both the papers are prominent BJP leader and Ayodhya Mayor Hrishikesh Upadhyay. This means that the trustees of Ram Mandir Nirman Trust were fully aware of the decision to buy land worth Rs 2 crore in five minutes for Rs 18.5 crore.
He said, ‘The trust for the construction of Shri Ram temple was formed on February 5, 2020, as per the directions of the Supreme Court. It is clear from the above facts that in the amount donated by crores of people for the construction of Ram temple, there has been a great sin, wrongdoing and scam. But the Prime Minister is completely silent.
Surjewala questioned, ‘The Prime Minister should answer whether the sinners who deal with the faith of Lord Ram have the protection of Modi ji? How did the BJP leaders commit such a big malpractice in the name of Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram?’ He also asked, ‘How much more land has been bought like this at throwaway prices from the donations for the construction of the temple?’

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