Mukul Roy to play key role in Tripura after returning to BJP

Agartala, 15/6 (Ao Bureau):Mukul Roy, who was the Vice President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has once again returned to his old party i.e. Trinamool Congress (TMC). He took the membership of the party again in the presence of CM Mamta Banerjee. Now it is being feared that those who went with Roy to BJP will also return to TMC? In Bengal, the TMC claims that 30 MLAs close to Roy want to return to the party. At the same time, the effect of this change in Bengal can be seen in Tripura. Roy’s father Sudip Roy Barman also joined the BJP with the TMC leader. Now that Roy is back in the TMC, the BJP is apprehensive that Burman may also join his old party.


There is a discussion in the political circles of Bengal that if Burman, who was in the limelight due to disputes with Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Deb, if he returns to TMC, then some MLAs from the ruling BJP in Tripura may also support him. Burman, considered an influential political figure in Tripura, is said to be unhappy with the BJP after Deb was picked for the chief minister’s post. He was the leader of the opposition while in the Congress and was a Trinamool Congress leader for almost a year before joining the BJP. were together.


If Mamta did not agree, then what is the option?


Sources said that Burman may try to return to the Trinamool Congress, but if Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee does not approve it, he may form his own organization and field candidates in the upcoming local elections. He has already formed an organization named ‘Bandhur Naam Sudeep’ which can start opposition to BJP in the state.

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