Delta Variant Of Coronavirus spread in more than 70 countries

New Delhi, 19/6 (AO Bureau):The infection of the delta variant of Covid has now spread to many countries of the world. The B.1.617.2 variant of Covid is called the delta variant and this strain is believed to be responsible for the second wave of infection in India, now countries like Britain, Australia and America have also become cautious about the delta variant Because the cases of infection in these countries have started increasing again.
In May, the World Health Organization described the delta variant as “worrying”, with the WHO saying that the variant is more contagious and can also hoax the human body’s immune response. Let’s know about this variant –
What is delta variant?
The delta variant is a new strain of covid, derived from the B.1.617 series of corona virus. This virus was identified in India in early 2021, which later spread throughout the country. This strain makes people sick very fast and is also responsible for the second wave of corona.
Why is the Delta variant dangerous?
Some important changes have been recorded in the spike protein of the delta variant of Kovid, due to which this variant becomes more infectious and dangerous. According to a study published in England, this strain is more invasive and due to this more people have become ill in a given time than the alpha variant.

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