Prashant Kishor met Sharad Pawar again .Political speculation increased in Delhi

New Delhi, 21/6(Ao Bureau)With the weakening of the second wave of Corona in the country, there are signs of strengthening of political equations. According to the information received, NCP (Nationalist Congress Party) chief Sharad Pawar had a meeting with political strategist Prashant Kishor in Delhi. This is Kishor’s second meeting with Pawar. Earlier, Prashant Kishor had also met the NCP chief on Friday, June 11. Political speculation had intensified after this meeting of Kishor and Pawar. This meeting was being seen as a preparation for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

This meeting between Pawar and Kishor took place before the meeting of the Rashtra Manch against the policies of the Modi government. Let us tell you that there will be a meeting at the house of NCP Chief in Delhi at 4 o’clock on Tuesday. Pawar will attend this meeting for the first time. Apart from Pawar and Yashwant Sinha, it is likely that some leaders of the opposition will attend this meeting.

Nation Manch is not a political platform but…

Let us tell you that the Rashtra Manch is not a political forum, but the possibility of a third option cannot be ruled out through it in the future as it discusses other issues including political against the government. Pawar will attend the meeting of the Rashtra Manch for the first time, so the decisions and activities of the Rashtra Manch have become important.

However, in the meeting held on Monday, there has been no confirmation of the talks between Pawar-Pacific on the national stage. On the other hand Yashwant Sinha, who founded the Rashtra Manch, is now the Vice President of TMC and TMC won in Bengal and Prashant Kishor’s role has also been important in the victory. CM Mamta Banerjee has already put her stamp on the national stage. Dinesh Trivedi, who was a TMC leader in the earlier meetings, has been participating but now he has left the TMC side. At the same time, Sinha will be present in the meeting as a representative of TMC and founder of Rashtra Manch.

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