“Our vaccine in the final stages of getting approval in India” claims Pfizer CEO

New Delhi, 22/6 (AO Bureau): Another vaccine may soon be included in India’s Corona Vaccination Program (Covid Vaccination Drive). The CEO of American pharma company Pfizer has claimed that his vaccine is in the final stage of getting approval in India. CEO Albert Borla has expressed hope that soon the company may have an agreement with the Government of India. Last month, Pfizer said that it is ready to give 50 million doses of its vaccine to India. The company had said that it can give so many doses in 2021. However, the company had also sought some regulatory relaxations, including compensation rules.

Earlier there was news that the Indian government may soon approve the foreign Kovid vaccine Pfizer for corona virus vaccination. Along with this, Pfizer Company can also get protection from legal liability. Reuters quoted sources as saying, “Indemnity will also be given to the company, and if one company is found, then it will be given to all the companies.” India had invited Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson to manufacture the vaccine in April, although no agreement could be reached between the central government and the companies.

Pfizer has not yet sold the vaccine to any country without Indemnity. After getting the indemnity, the company will not be legally responsible for any side effects of the vaccine. Let us inform that India has not given protection from legal compensation to any Kovid vaccine manufacturer, but sources say that the government is about to change its stand.

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