New trick by China to attack India

New Delhi, 22/6 (AO Bureau):There is currently a standoff between India and China in Eastern Ladakh and Dragon feels that India’s focus is only on this side. Taking advantage of the opportunity, China has intensified its activities near the Chumbi Valley between Sikkim and Bhutan. But India is eyeing the entire LAC on every move of China. The way India slammed China at the strategic and diplomatic level in the 73-day standoff in Doklam in 2017, the Dragon’s attention has been more in that area.

At that time, due to lack of information about the movement and working style of the Indian Army, China had to face it, but now China has not only installed state-of-the-art surveillance equipment to monitor the movement of the Indian Army, but also in Tibet adjacent to Chumbi Valley. Is engaged in training Tibetan youth living in Yadong County to keep an eye on the military activities of India and Bhutan.

China is preparing its own militia group by promising jobs to unemployed youth
According to intelligence reports, China is preparing its own militia group on the other side of Sikkim by promising jobs to unemployed youths of Yadong and nearby villages of Tibet. He is going to use them to collect human intelligence. They will be deployed in those border areas from where trade takes place. Apart from this, preparations are also being made to deploy them in the model villages built along the Indian border.
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